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Map of Aquinnah, MAThe Town of Aquinnah is located on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard (Dukes County) and is the second smallest town in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It was incorporated as the Town of Gay Head in 1870. The name was changed in August of 1998 to  Aquinnah. The Town is approximately four square miles and has a year round population of 400. In the summer months the population increases to many times that with summer visitors and residents.

Aquinnah is home to the famous Gay Head Clay Cliffs, Gay Head Philbin Beach, Aquinnah, MALighthouse and spectacular beaches. Summer visitors flock to these attractions. Aquinnah’s only “business area” is located in the area of the Cliffs.

 The Town of Aquinnah is home to the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), which is the only federally recognized Indian Tribe in the Commonwealth. The Wampanoag Tribe consists of 1,100 members, 300 of which reside on Martha’s Vineyard. Some of the tribal members live in Aquinnah, in a federally fundedGay Head Cliffs housing area. This area provides housing to Wampanoag families and consists of approximately 29 houses.

If you visit our Statistics page you will see that this department averages 400 calls for service a year. Most of the calls for service are of a minor to moderate nature. Our most urgent calls are medical emergencies. We rely on the Tri-Town Ambulance Service, which also serves our neighboring towns of Chilmark and West Tisbury, to respond. This department also relies on the Dukes County Sheriff’s Department Communications Center to receive 911 emergency and non-emergency calls and to dispatch these calls. The Communication Center is the central dispatch center for police, fire, ambulance services on Martha’s Vineyard.Gay Head Lighthouse

I hope you find this website useful and if you have any further questions please e-mail us or call the police station at (508) 645-2313.

 Chief Randhi P. Belain